Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Is That Me??

Have you got anything with your name on it? a mug, keyring, teddy? you know the sort that are available at all the souvenir shops. well i've only once seen angelique and that was an egg cup in germany when i was 16! I was pretty happy then. but no where near as excited by this discovery! a whole series of 'Angelique' books. Its as if someone was watching my every move. writing it down completely differently, and then publishing it!!! obviously the difference is the hair, and my lovely husband is steve.

Just incase you can't read this insanely small, badly photographed back cover i've entered it below...

'Now blissfully reunited with her husband, Joffery de Peyrea, and mistress of the settlement of Gouldsboro, canada. Angelique feels at peace at last. But when Joffery leaves on a mission, Angelique becomes prey to evil forces and unknown strangers - a demon intent on the destruction of her life and her love...  Unwilling hostess to the strange but beautiful Duchesse de Maudribourg. Angelique combats poison, intrigue and Death - finally to fight the unmasked Demon, face to face... '

Thursday, 19 May 2011

basking in her glory

 ok so maybe your sister sings a bit better or has pretty hair? maybe your brother is better than maths or fixing things? if you have ever felt a bit sorry for yourself about being outshined by your family you should meet my siblings. I am three of six (yes that is a bit star trek geeky). but there you have it. and they are all awsome. lets start with candy. shes one of six. its a hard place to start. she is most gifted with her hands. teapot wedding cakes, drawing, oil painting, well any painting, sewing, baking, jewellry making, crochet, machine embroidery, blah blah blah,  you name it she can do it.  
 you may imagine this makes me a tad bitter. but NO. because she's a giver. Shes always willing to spend time helping fix my own attempts at stuff. I love that she can make all these beautiful things because she includes me in people who deserve to have beautiful things.
i really do deserve them.

Girl Eats Art: Freehand machine embroidery: " My Textile and Mixed Media Projects So I've finally managed to get some little textile projects finished. Quite a while ago I b..."

hart + sew: doll suitcase

forget caravans vintage suitcases are the way forward!

i really wish my home was this cute...

 and tidy...

i think i need a bit more storage though...

Friday, 6 May 2011

what would melt your cold cold heart?

these little ones managed to melt steves cold cold heart and now are getting ready to become new members of our family. Not even in person but just from these photos.