Tuesday, 21 June 2011

real fancy cakes...

ok so i know i was making a fuss of my own cake. and why not?? it was fun and fresh and not at all time consuming, like these....
(oh and yes it really is a cake, i even ate some)

all eddible except the can (shes not that good??)

 no all the little veggies are not nicked from the borrowers, but are all handmade.

 wedding cakes with class...

the cups and saucers were also cake and icing...
but not the dolls, they were beautifully hand painted by the bride.

 just in case you are an emo??

  or an extremely interesting artist..

 maybe you like your games???

 or like me just appreciate dark chocolate...

something pretty??
 or pretty scary???

 this ones a favourite and was for my sons birthday. lucky dog!!!

 a friends 60th birthday 
(he works for a flooring company, incase you hadn't guessed)

 my other favourite...

 its hard to tell sometimes where art stops and cake starts,
but i find its usually when i'm eating it...

icecream party

icecream or cake??

 thanks to inspiration from one charming party    
there was no need to choose for my daughters birthday. 

 you are totally allowed to be impressed (don't compare too closely to the linked cake)
 i was!!!
it was the perfect combination of home made chocolate cake (to die for), vanilla frosting
turned slightly salmony and melted homemade chocolate spread! with a few sprinkles to look pretty.
 plus some special toppings in elegant glassware,
theres no stopping us!
 i especially liked the easter m&ms - check out the little bunny prints..
 nom nom nom!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

best dad ever 2...

 I realise that fathers day comes every year, so we should have plenty of time to prepare. And with so many awsome things out there choosing what to do should be easy, but if you're a bit of a last minute betty (like me) Here are a few things i found that might make life easier??
i hope these help...

  perfect for pictures from your little ones or messages??

if you feel a little more effort is needed here is an amazing tutorial on leather work

this tutorial not only shows you how to create word washers but also gives some great ideas for gifts

just incase you have a car enthusiast??
  fathers day carwash kit & cut out picture card.

something else perhaps?? try this...

and if like me you've spent all your time looking at stuff instead of making it (you know who you are) its amazing what you can do with a stone and a sharpie...

 there are plenty more out there in blog land. if you have time to look... hopefully next year i'll have had an original thought of my own. 
well, it could happen....

Monday, 13 June 2011

for the best dads ever!!!

fathers day is a great opportunity to express your love and appreciation. let the man in your life know that such days (like mothers day) are important and allow the kids to get involved!
so here are a few treats to check out!!

forget the dads! i want one of these...
you can get your own here
and what dad wouldn't want this?
thank heavens for the work of others willing to share their talents...

this is very cute & looks easy.
 if that doesn't do it for you....
all the above makes...

if they look like a bit too much effort,
the kids will enjoy doing these.

good luck ladies!